Property Frequently Asked Questions

* Is the property safe?
Our properties have been adapted to promote Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Property Managers are active participants in Crime Free Multi-Housing programs with the local communities. We conduct background checks and on all applicants, and keep close relations with neighbors. Tenants are encouraged to participate in Neighborhood Watch programs. Properties are tested for safe radon levels, and maintained preventively to keep you and your family healthy.

* What is the average cost of utilities?
The cost of utilities varies widely from one unit to the next.  This is mostly due to the number of occupants, use of appliances, the preferred temperature during the heating and cooling seasons, and individual practices to save energy.  Rates also change constantly due to the cost of fuel and other taxes.  Eagle Properties Environmental Policy recomends that all units be equiped with compact fluorescent or LED lights.  These consume 75% and up to 85% less energy than regular incandescent light bulbs, and allow our tenants to enjoy the lower utility costs.
* Are the apartment utilities predominantly gas or electric?
Most appliances are electric including the stove and dryer, while the furnace fuel is gas.  The specific fuel type for water heater is usually gas, but may vary between units in some communities.
* Do you require an application fee, background check, or credit check?
Our application process is completely FREE. We perform background checks on all applicants, tenants, and residents. Our automated screening process eliminates the need for an application fee. This application does not affect your credit score. We do request that you take the time to send a complete application to avoid re-processing. Apply Here
* Do you require a security deposit, and if so when is it paid?
Yes, all our rental units require a holding/security deposit check to complete the application process.  A holding/pre-lease deposit is only accepted as part of an agreement to enter into a lease. The deposit amount varies for each community or type of unit.  Once a lease is signed, the holding/pre-lease deposit becomes the security deposit, and used to cover any expenses incurred through repair for damages beyond wear and tear, or other debt.  The security deposit does not cover the first nor last month rent, nor does it exempts a tenant from damages beyond the amount of the deposit.
* Is the property available only after the specified date, or can I move in before?
Be the first to know about upcoming vacancies, follow us on Facebook. Vacancy availability dates are posted with advertisements for each property. Units are normally available to move in the evening before the availability date.  Some units may be available to move in up to a week before the expected availability date, for which special arrangements can be made for an early move-in.  In this case rent is prorated for the part of the month. Email us if your preferred move in date is slightly earlier than the date posted.

* Is it a great value?
When considering the value of your apartment you must take into account the quality and services. Efficient building and mechanical systems will consume less energy, which reduces your living expenses and keeps you healthy and safe. Utilities included with rent provide added value as the community buying power offers lower cost to the individuals. Maintenance, and improvements of the premises are some of the services that in addition to responsible and professional property management provide you with worry free living for many years to come.

* When can I see the place?
An online application must be filled before scheduling a showing. This allows us to preserve the privacy of our tenants, and maintain our low cost of housing. There is no cost to apply and your information is secure. We own, host, and manage our server and all forms are sent directly to it. We do not, and will not, rent, sell, share or disclose your information to third parties. Showings can be scheduled promptly with our online calendar immediately following your online application. Special arrangements can be made with property managers to fit your travel schedule if a preferred day or time is not available.
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